right information
right information


With numerous ways of evaluating risks at their disposal, corporate boards and executive committees are often faced with a lack of information that hinders good corporate governance. It is a constant challenge to procure and aggregate relevant risk-related information in a timely and accurate manner across business lines and throughout all
group entities.

Executive meetings tend to be overloaded with endless reports and figures that are not conducive to driving the company forward. As a result, board meetings frequently get bogged down in internal and administrative matters, rather than focusing on strategy and business issues.

Essentially, what it takes is a sound organization that features adequate reporting processes for activities and risk across all entities.

We offer an integrated and flexible approach that is suited not just to the financial sector but to any type of industry, regardless of company size.

Once this step has been taken, the shareholders and the board benefit from:

  •  value creation as part of the decision-making process,
  • cost-optimization by improving processes across the group, based on the efficient gathering and processing of information to facilitate continual improvement,
  •  a sound, independent risk-reporting process that ensures comprehensive understanding and clarity on risks at all levels (board of directors, audit committee, executive management, etc.).

Our method offers an approach that will improve the response of the board and executive committee to unexpected situations, helping them decide realistic corrective measures consistent with their risk appetite.