right information
right information


Integrated Risk Management and Consolidated Supervision (IRMCS):

  • supports to drafting of strategies and objectives across your Bank (consolidated supervision through all legal entities)
  • by identifying potential events that may affect your business, you are able to minimize their impact and keep risks within your Bank’s risk appetite.
  • the outcome is a reasonable assurance of success with regards to strategy and objectives


With numerous ways of evaluating risks at their disposal, corporate boards and executive committees are often faced with a lack of information that hinders good corporate governance. It is a constant challenge to procure and aggregate relevant risk-related information in a timely and accurate manner across business lines and throughout all
group entities.

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Approach and delivery

Our philosophy is to provide a global and holistic view of the risks and opportunities within your company by processing and presenting the right information to the right people at the right time.
To achieve this, we propose the Integrated Risk Management and Consolidated Supervision (IRMCS) approach.

The IRMCS approach takes place top-down, bottom-up and across all legal entities within the organization, involving the board of directors, executive management, line managers and staff at every level of the organization.

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