right information
right information

Approach and delivery

Our philosophy is to provide a global and holistic view of the risks and opportunities within your company by processing and presenting the right information to the right people at the right time.
To achieve this, we propose the Integrated Risk Management and Consolidated Supervision (IRMCS) approach.

The IRMCS approach takes place top-down, bottom-up and across all legal entities within the organization, involving the board of directors, executive management, line managers and staff at every level of the organization.

It supports the drafting of strategies and objectives across the company (consolidated supervision through all legal entities). By identifying potential events that may affect your business, you are able to minimize their impact and keep risks within your company’s risk appetite. The outcome is a reasonable assurance of success with regard to strategy and objectives.

The IRMCS can be adapted to any company, taking into account their particular culture, structure, organization and line of business.

Since 2000,  we have successfully implemented the IRMCS approach in a number of different companies such as Banks, Private Banks, NewCo’s set up, Trading and Finance Companies, etc.

Our IRMCS approach is a process which helps:

  • reduce the probability and severity of losses,
  • facilitate decision-making,
  • improve the company’s quality of strategy planning by adopting a formalized and structured risk-reporting process and consolidated supervision process,
  • enable risk management for new products and services.

Our risk report is the cornerstone of the IRMCS. We propose a consistent, transparent and unified approach to risk reporting, involving all business lines and legal entities throughout the company.

Our risk report is adapted specifically to the needs of each company, whatever kind of risk they may face, and will ensure an ongoing improvement in the risk awareness and control environment of the company.